Dynamics Gp Inventory Add Ons: Barcode, Warehouse Management Notes}

Dynamics GP Inventory Add-Ons: Barcode, Warehouse Management Notes


Andrew A Karasev

Inventory automation is often complex, as here you may need special unique requirements, but it is usually based on Barcode scanners and feeding scanned information into Great Plains Sales Order Processing, Purchasing and Inventory Control modules. Custom logic often makes existing Dynamics ISV out-of-the-box extensions difficult to implement as they may need to be highly redesigned. In this small publication we are describing the approach, when you tell us how and where in Dynamics GP barcoding should be integrated and we apply existing code sets with reasonably minor tune up and redeployment in your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation:

1.Purchase Receipts Barcode Scanning and Integration. Here you are matching your received items by scanning their barcode labels (plus often QTY) to existing Purchase Orders in Dynamics GP. Realistically you should accept batch mode, where scanning doesnt match PO lines in real time.

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2.Light Assembly with Barcode Labels Printing. Here you often base new Barcode logic on the Finished Good item, or Main item in the assembly, plus possibly extending it with Serial or Lot Number and QTY of components. Label printing in Dynamics GP could be realized in Report Writer, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services. Barcode labels often require very unique logic, associated with your way of doing business and competing on the marketplace

3.Barcode Automation in Inventory Cycle Count. Here you may have the challenge of scanning partially consumed or allocated rolls, boxes, variable weight items (food industry, cheeses, textiles, process manufacturing) with the requirement to reprint barcode label with adjusting item weight, length or quantity in the warehouse site ID

4.Items Picking and Packing for Sales Orders. This process might be complicated by serialization of the items, by the requirements to do automatic transfer from one site to another. Picking and Packing typically comes with manual inventory allocation to Sales Order or Invoice. At the end of the packing process, SOP Packing List might be printed

5.Cargo Tracking Functionality. This is when customer has self service from your web site on tracking the items and reconfirming delivery status. You may need to associate your Sales Order number with UPS, FedEx or DHL web service on shipment tracking

6.We certainly understand that such an article should be very generic in its genre, so please feel free to call us: 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com we should be able to give your case special consideration and even possibly refer similar GP implementation case in your industry

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Dynamics GP Inventory Add-Ons: Barcode, Warehouse Management Notes }

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