How To Select The Sunglasses That Suits Your Face

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Summary: Having a great pair of sunglasses that complement your face is as important as owning a bag or a pair of shoes. Determine your face shape before making a purchase.

These days sunglasses are considered as the ultimate accessory that will transform your look and can change your trend from one season to another. While you may look stylish and glamorous make sure you select the appropriate one for you. This accessory draws immediate attention towards your face so choose wisely.

From bright hues to neutral tones from small to oversized frames today s fashionista require a few pairs in her wardrobe collection. By selecting various styles and colors that frames can reflect your mood and attitude. The main thing to keep in mind is the overall shape. You might also like to take into consideration what looks good with your hair and skin tone.

You must decide whether your face is predominantly square, oblong, oval, heart or triangular. Oval shapes are versatile and hence any frame shape will suit you. However, it is advisable to seek for frames that are wider than the broadest part of your features.

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Square shapes require a curved frame in contrast with the shape. These must reduce the jaw line. You can go for a narrow frame that has more width than depth that widens the eye area.

Round ones require a contrast eyewear such as angular or straight one. Make your face appear thinner by choosing a narrow frame that lengthens the face. Deep colors and tortoise shell material can help to balance your face visually.

Triangular shape is defined by narrow chin and mouth and broad forehead. Frames with vertical lines and thin rim will aid in balancing the bottom part of your face. It should not sit too high as it will accentuate the forehead.

Inverted triangle shape that comes with a narrow forehead and broad chin can come with an eyewear that widens the top portion of your face. Brightly colored shades that come with a lot of detailing might be a distraction from your face and so you can go for cat eye styles that will give you the illusion of widening your eyes and forehead.

Small ones can pull off oversized sunglasses but should stay away from the thick frames. Long faces work best with rectangular frames that add width and help in balancing out the length of the face. Shades with a low bridge may shorten the nose length.

Other aspects that you need to keep in mind are that aviators fit almost all shapes. Your shades should not be so small that your eyebrows are visible above the frames. The frame edge should be slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.

Now that you are aware of the shapes that complement your face shape you can accordingly make your purchase. Just determine your face shape and go ahead with the preferred style of sunglasses that complement your shape. A leading optical store will definitely provide you with a wide range of eyewear.

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