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So what is a life coach? Basically, a life coach is someone who helps or guides others about the different aspects of life may it be health, career, business, and many more. If you browse the internet, you may see that there are a lot of professional life coaches out there offering their services. Life coaching has really become popular in these modern times. The needs of people for coaching also prompted many to choose this budding profession.

To be a life coach, one does not really need to take up a specific course in any specific university or college anywhere. One does not need a degree to be a life coach unlike being a nurse, a doctor, an engineer, among others. As you read this article you may be wondering what it really takes to be a professional life coach. There is no concrete answer since there is really no requirement to become one. You do not need a certification or any type of license to be one. Yes, anybody could be a life coach but not anybody could be an effective one. Anyone can just put up a coaching business but not anyone can last long since it also requires talent like other professions.

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For people who want to be a life coach, they must know how to become a life coach and take it seriously. There are several coach training programs that you can attend to and other similar workshops. You can seek help from professionals who have relevant experience if you really would like to become a life coach. Though not required, certain courses could also help. Degrees related to public relations would be a good foundation for life coach aspirants.

Like being a medical doctor, one could also choose to be a life coach who deals with general cases or one who specializes in a specific area only. There are many aspects in life which a life coach could concentrate on. Finance and health concerns are common examples of aspects in life which a lot of people need help with so it is a good idea to focus on those. Specific skills would also come in handy if you have decided to become a life coach. Aside from possessing skills in giving advice, it is also best to have marketing skills. You would need to market yourself, your services, or your business if you want to be successful in this field. You may be a good life coach but it is nothing if people who need help dont know you.

Before choosing being a professional life coach, you must realize what it really takes to be one. Keep in mind all those important factors mentioned in this article as you make your decision. This job should be taken seriously as it involves guiding other people. This profession could also be very rewarding both financially and emotionally. It feels good knowing that you have the talent to help people tackle their problems and live a good life in general.

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Vehicle Factories Stop Filling Landfills

By Ben Anton

With environmental concerns taking the forefront of a company’s public image, a number of industries are attempting to convert their manufacturing facilities to have a lower environmental impact. Leading the way are a number of vehicle manufacturers and their associated factories; the factories that make Honda engines in particular are becoming exceedingly ‘green’ and Earth-friendly. In addition to making cars, trucks, and other vehicles which feature reduced exhaust output, they are converting their factories and manufacturing facilities into zero landfill sites in an effort to greatly reduce the waste created by the manufacturing process.

Zero landfill factories are a new trend that is rapidly growing in popularity, allowing Honda and other small engine and vehicle manufacturers to be able to produce quality products without the waste and emissions that were previously associated with vehicle plants. Through conservation, recycling programs, and advanced emissions reduction technology, the goal of these zero landfill factories is to eliminate any waste from the factory being buried in a landfill. Any waste which is produced by the manufacturing process will be recycled or otherwise reused so that it doesn’t end up as a pollutant that could potentially cause unwanted environmental damage. This results in a more environmentally-safe product that consumers who are concerned about environmental issues can buy without worry.

In addition to the ground-breaking work that Honda has been doing to ensure that Honda engines are manufactured in environmentally safe factories, other small engine manufacturers are taking up the zero landfill call as well. Kawasaki, Subaru, and other companies are working to develop plans to convert both new and existing factories which will be able to produce both passenger vehicles and small engines with a minimal impact on the local and world environment. Many of these environmentally sound factories are designed to have a small enough impact on the local environment that they are even safe for wildlife which may live on or near the factory grounds.

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Just because the zero landfill factories that vehicle and small engine manufacturers are converting to are safe for the environment doesn’t mean that they aren’t also cutting-edge manufacturing facilities as well. The factories that produce Honda engines are designed to be able to convert quickly from one manufacturing line to another, being able to produce a wide number of products with a high rate of efficiency and a very small turnover period from the manufacture of one part or vehicle to another. They are efficient in their workloads as well as their waste control, paving the way for a new type of factory in the 21st century.

To aid in the environmental benefits of zero landfill factories, a number of fuel-efficient vehicles are planned to be produced from them. In addition to standard vehicles and small engines which boast impressive fuel efficiency, it is estimated that at least some of these zero landfill facilities will focus largely on the production of hybrid vehicles as they continue to grow in popularity. It is likely that the fast conversion from the production of one vehicle or product to another will allow these factories to begin producing alternative fuel vehicles as they are developed as well.

~Ben Anton, 2008

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Ways To Make Use Of Online Marketing In Bellingham Washington

By Simon Volkov Online Marketing DNA

Online marketing in Bellingham Washington is a one of the most affordable, yet powerful strategies for reaching out to the community. Nestled in the Northwest section of the state, Bellingham is the perfect location for instituting innovative marketing methods that allow business owners to capture their niche market.

Integrating online marketing in Bellingham Washington with current marketing plans offers several advantages. The diverse mix of locals includes college students, outdoor adventurists, environmentalists, activists, families, and retirees.

Due to the high level of college students, many of the residents are techno-savvy and use computers and mobile devices for many of their daily life activities. Bellingham businesses can take advantage of countless opportunities by instituting a multitude of online marketing strategies focused on consumer needs.

Several Bellingham companies have received public recognition for their creative Internet marketing efforts. Tom Smith, a stylist at Mikols Salon on James Street instituted online strategies to spread the word about providing free haircuts to homeless residents.

Mary Jensen received recognition for instituting a program to keep reusable products from ending up in Whatcom County landfills. Jensen’s program encourages Bellingham business owners to donate office equipment and supplies to non-profits instead of throwing items away.

Moka Joe founder, Trudy Scherting, used online marketing to inform Bellingham residents about her philanthropic programs through the sale of fair trade organic coffee beans. Scherting donates a portion of her proceeds to Dorothy Place, a domestic violence shelter for women and children. She also roasts beans to raise awareness about Coffee for Clean Water; a program that raises money to acquire water purification systems for third world countries.

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One of the more effective ways to integrate online marketing is to employ a marketing consultant to review current marketing plans and determine which strategies are best suited for the business. There are many elements involved to develop a solid online presence and the process can be overwhelming when trying to go it alone. Hiring professionals acquainted with the Bellingham market can help to maximize results and minimize risks.

The first phase of Internet marketing involves determining the best strategies and how to make use of them. Anyone conducting business online needs a website, so Bellingham companies will need to hire a web designer if they do not already have a website in place.

Websites are the showcase for any business, so it’s important to have a clean design that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Websites are the foundation for highlighting information about the company, selling products or services, and building customer mailing lists.

A good approach for assessing the competition is to peruse the official city of Bellingham website and review the member directory. Bellingham has an abundance of outdoor adventure companies, breweries and wineries, health spas, art galleries, and lodging facilities. Several business owners in this area are using a mix of online techniques including podcasting, videos, and social media marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the more powerful strategies because it allows companies to easily connect with large groups of people. This platform allows companies to build customer relations through social interaction. Building relationships makes it easier to sell products and consumers prefer to buy from companies they can interact with.

There is certain approaches that need to be taken with social media marketing, so it is a good idea to talk with marketing experts that specialize in this field. With proper knowledge and effective social marketing campaigns, Bellingham business owners can become recognized as an industry expert within the community.

Another powerful marketing strategy is mobile marketing. Due to the fact that Bellingham has a large population of college students that rely on mobile devices for nearly everything, companies that embrace mobile marketing can capitalize on this niche. College students use cell phones to find weekend events, movie listings, restaurants, and local business using local listing directories.

Local listing directories can be a dominant marketing venue because it allows residents and tourists to easily find Bellingham businesses. These directories let local business owners publish company information, business hours, website address, and offer special promotions such as discount coupons.

Bellingham business owners should publish to each of the major local listing directories, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing, along with niche directories like and While publishing to multiple directories can be time-consuming, the advantages are worth the time spent.

A lot of business owners find implementing online marketing to be a monumental task. To fully capitalize on these strategies does require a solid marketing team that can create, implement, and track results of multiple strategies. Companies that don’t have the time or staff may find it helpful to turn over projects to an online marketing company.

Business owners that are ready to take on online marketing in Bellingham Washington need to become informed about the different approaches and how to maximize results. Online marketing is a powerful force that can boost a business to the next level, as long as strategies are correctly implemented.

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