Epoque Hotels Makes Your Stay Unforgettable}

Epoque Hotels makes your stay unforgettable


Rman Kushwaha

Epoque Hotels is a company representing hotels in the form of boutique hotels, created in the year 2002 by Juan Palmada and David Maranzana in Miami, Florida, USA. As an inn representation organization, its goal is to promote its customers all as far and wide as possible through promoting instruments, for example lodging catalog, various offers, exchange shows, advertising, and occasions. poque Hotels additionally utilizes web showcasing instruments and has an electronic stage from which clients might make reservations at boutique lodgings in different location with major business or relaxation objectives worldwide, for example London, Paris, Buenos Aires, New York, Milan, Florence, Miami Beach, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Geneva, or Abu Dhabi. The Hotel group name Epoque Hotels was utilized for the organization as it alludes to lands that stamp another period in the cordiality business. The organization displays its accumulation at hotel trade shows, for example ITLM Cannes, WT London, FITUR Madrid, Luxury Travel Expo Las Vegas, and so on. The organization works in a specialty where resorts and hotels are decidedly advertised under tasteful angles such as: architecture, interior design, inside outline, accumulation of objects of class, imperial design and art.

The primary objective of the chain of hotels is to showcase a world class collection of Boutique Hotels all over the world. Each hotel is a replica of the culture and architecture of the city it is situated in. The main morals of the Epoque hotels are to depict, Strong Identity, Personality, Style and Innovation. Booking procedures are made easy from the hotel by availing toll free contact numbers as well as online booking facilities. The hotel specializes in adapting the features of the location it is nestled in. Both classic and contemporary versions may be available to the guests.

The Epoque hotel never fails to surprise the guests with something or the other at every nook and cranny. There are hidden flat screen televisions in wooden cottages, which pop out on request, without messing with the look of the rooms. Clever arrangement of furniture and electronics is a key feature of the hotel. So that you can taste the old wine in a new bottle, i.e. stay in classic rooms with all the modern amenities without ruining the traditional look and vice versa. The rooms available may be in the form of cottages or suites, with one or more than one room. The best thing of a boutique hotel like poque is that you can get a room customized according to your need and wishes. The facilities catered are the best in the market. From room service to food, everything excels. Concierge services are a patent feature. The staff is helpful and always ready to serve. The hotel makes sure that the guest gets to taste the specialties of the locale and hence excellent local food is served at a top notch gourmet level. Fine Dining, Beautiful Ambience, Luxurious Stay and Smiling faces, what more can a vacation need. Whatever duration may your stay long, you will be sure to leave with a renewed energy and vibrancy.

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