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Submitted by: R Lynne English

How many people watch National Geographic Doomsday Preppers each week? I don’t know exact numbers but judging by the many Doomsday Prepper websites I would say millions. It struck me one day while watching an episode of the show how many of those people were business owners. I began wondering why they weren’t doomsday protecting their livelihoods? Let me be honest there were a few individuals who were fine tuning their skills to have alternate means of supporting themselves in a dire situation but no focus on the business at all.

What if one of those doomsday scenarios happened but society didn’t perish it was just set back convenience wise, what preparations have you made for your business to get back on track? I can tell you if you’re like most small to medium business owners the answer is nothing. If something were to happen one thing for sure people would be left picking up the pieces as best as they could. Now I know you’re asking how can a business owner prepare for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) when they have no clue as to the what, when,where, how? I say look at how people are preparing on the homefront, they don’t know any of that but yet they’re working feverishly to have a means of self preservation.

Business people need to get into that survival mindset and ASK themselves what it is they can do to safeguard their business if all hell should happen. Forming alliances with other businesses that share your concerns before doomsday would be a wise move. Aligning yourself with other local or regional businesses who may or may not need your products (services) would be smart. After all a helping hand from you could mean a helping hand to you. Alliances and TEOWAWKI networks will be a positive means of surviving even if the only doomsday is consequences of the debt ceiling finally caving end.

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Is it feasible for a small to medium size business to have backup generators and other electronics stored in Faraday Cages* someplace for their emergency use if the unthinkable was to happen? How about stockpiling supplies and storing them away from the daily supplies, would this be an option for many businesses? Would having a plan on how employees would be paid if money wasn’t available be considered too forward thinking or just downright delusional? What I’m attempting to to do is get the reader to think about the “what ifs” to determine if being concerned about a major change in our society is worth preparing their businesses.


I know I would say it so I’m sure others will as well and that’s “where in the devil am I to get all that extra money needed to prepare my business for this end of the world stuff?” As a financial broker my kneejerk response would be get a business loan if you can get it and fortify your business. However that’s not a good idea for everyone and to be honest it’s really not necessary for a great many. Why? Most businesses have unused and outdated equipment sitting around as well as paying for services and products they don’t need they can liquidate to increase available cash to buy emergency supplies.

Bartering. Yes you read correctly I said bartering. Find businesses that have what you need to stockpile and barter with them. In spite of what you may have learned in the past about bartering being something individuals did who were short on cash this is a viable option for businesses of all sizes too. There have been bartering groups such as Ubarter and The Barter Group as well as local barter exchanges around for a long time, join one of them. I’ve used various groups over the years and yes I’ve even acted as a barter broker on occasion. Bartering is a great way to prepare yourself as well as your business so don’t rule it out.


Yes I’ve ran this by a client and my husband just to see their reactions. Laughter, the scratching of heads, and the asking of “why” is what I received. Honestly I would’ve been surprised if they didn’t react this way when presented with the possibility of drastic change to this society we’ve all grown accustomed to living within. Yes many may think this is bizarre but the fact is there’s nothing wrong with loose disaster planning for your business. Notice I said loose disaster planning. This is just another way of saying you’d be adjusting your plans as situations arise. At least you’re attempting in earnest to prepare for the unknown something the average Joes don’t do. I’m not trying to scare anyone I just see it as wise to have a business disaster plan.

*A Faraday cage is an enclosure formed by conducting material that prevents the inward flow of electricity. Electronics stored in such a container raised off the base of the Faraday cage with non conducting material will be protected electrical from flow.

About the Author: R. Lynne English is a Financial Broker with English Financial & Associates based in Houston, Texas.

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