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Submitted by: Brian E Wright

While there are many the parts of the fiancee visa or fiancee visa application or fiancee visa process, the focus of this article is on the interview at the US Embassy because it is the most crucial aspect of the fiancee visa process.

Our firm operates in Thailand and we are Thailands largest and oldest US Immigration Law Firm who does fiancee visa. Thats why; I am only qualified to talk about the immigrant visa interview at the US Embassy in Bangkok. While similarities may exist between embassies, neither you nor I should assume this.

First, I will begin by telling you that the fiancee visa interview and fiancee visa document requirements are changeable from month to month and year to year, and more specifically from counselor officer to counselor officer.

The counselor officer is the most important and influencing factor in the fiancee visa interview. The officer is his or her own boss and has the sole discretion to approve or deny the fiancee visa application. With this in mind I will begin by giving you a feel for the officers most recently posted at the American Embassy in Bangkok, going back just three years.

Counselor officers generally rotate out approximately once a year, but this varies greatly. In the immigrant visa section there is only one officer assigned at a time to handle all interviews. Up to 25 interviews per day. In the last year and a half there have been three officers. Two worked approximately 7 months each and the third took the position on June 15th of this year. Prior to the previous three officers one officer remained in the position for a period of 1 years. The fact that this officer remained longer than normal was beneficial to all. He knew his job inside out, upside down, backwards and sideways. He was professional, polite, friendly and helpful. He understood one important and basic thing that most other officers dont understand (however it is becoming more and more apparent that the current counselor officer understands this as well) and that is: that 99.9% of Thai ladies appearing for a fiancee visa interview dont use American men to circumvent the US immigration laws to gain entry into America.

While ladies from other countries may more often try to use American men to circumvent the immigration laws to enter the USA, Thai ladies love Thailand, the culture, their families, friends, Thai food, Thai TV, and the King. The vast majority would never dream of leaving Thailand if they didnt have a stronger love for their American fiance or husband.

Second, the counselor officer needs to determine (to his or her satisfaction) that you and your fiancee or husband have a real relationship. That you did not artificially create a relationship with an American citizen as a way to gain entry into the USA. Properly presented, the evidence you provide the counselor officer to prove a real relationship needs to be very substantial and convincing.

About the Author: Brian Wright is President of USA Immigration Law Thailand located in Bangkok, Thailand which is Thailands largest and oldest US Immigration Law Firm. Brian provides fiancee visa & marriage visas services to USA from Thailand for Thai fiance.Web:


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