What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Blanket?

By Tuchchai Suwanawong

As most of mothers seem to only focus on what their baby need, especially they focus on finding information about what is the best nursery for the baby, which sometimes mothers are overwhelmed by all the different choices. Mothers also spend most of their time to selecting good quality brand of accessories for their baby such as creepers, booties and hats that we tend to loose focus on baby blankets. Some people may not know that baby blanket is one of the most important item in a nursery or even at home. Knowing what to consider when choosing a baby blanket comes about through a mixture of research and experience. As it has been taken into account that you have to buy baby blanket, which made from entirely from natural fabric, which much easier to breath, allowing air to circulate and help to prevent the infant from overheating.

When buying baby blanket, you have to avoid buying ones that knitted or crocheted baby blankets that are loosely woven, because when using the baby’s finger may be able to go through the small hole and get stuck. You may also avoid to buy a blanket that has excessive fringe and decorations that can unravel or detach and thereby pose a choking hazard, especially to a small infant. For some babies who old enough to be able to carry their favourite blanket to everywhere and this may cause you have to wash it very often. Frequent washings and use may cause a blanket with a pattern or bright color to fade a lot. It is recommended that when purchasing a baby blanket you plan on using frequently that you buy at least two so that when one favourite blanket wears out or it gets lost you have a back up one to substitute.

There are many style and categories of baby blanket available, with the most popular for newborns being receiving blankets. However, some people (mothers) may still believe that swaddling baby in a blanket was essential to developing good posture, which this believes is in fact is the old practice that dates back to ancient roman times. But today this believe was a lot developed and completely changed, mother swaddled baby only during the time when baby newly born, because swaddling mimics the snug security of the womb which in turn settles and soothes the newborn. However, there are good things of swaddling. It also helps the baby to sleep longer because blanket can protect or soften any of vibration, which may cause to a newborn repeatedly throughout the night.

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However, when your baby getting older, the ordinary baby blanket come into the car, or even completely change format to be a stroller. Baby blankets can be thick warm fleece for cool days or soft thin cotton for warmer ones.

As mentioned above that baby blanket may be easily overlooked, but you have to consider the time that your baby have to spend with their favourite blanket and parents must start to see importance of how to choose blanket for your baby before it’s too late.

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