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Software Presentation : QUIDAM – N-Sided



1 – Everything is under your eyes

The first thing you notice at the opening of Quidam, its interface is fun and lack of text menus. Indeed, while the software driver using the icons arranged in groups around the 3D view. These icons are well drawn enough to be understandable without even casting a glance at the documentation. I’ve also used this to check that last one or two points so the handling of the program is simple. The graphical interface does not display too much responsibility, however. Here we have room for everything and even on a small screen size, everything has its place without having to hide a particular element for the pleasure of seeing one another (some software will recognize ….)

2 – The plan places …

Quidam offers segmented by operating “studio” was an assembly hall (for “paste” elements to each other), a studio proportions (to decline characters or younger adults, realistic characters or more trend superhero comic-book ,….), modeling studio (to truly customize the existing databases), a studio texture (where it sets the “makeup” of characters) and a photo studio for rendering internal software.

3 – And Quidam created woman (or man)

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The first step is choosing a starting point for your character. For now the choice is limited to 5 human figures (3 full and two heads) with a manga and two cartoon characters (to use perhaps smaller) but N-sided promises the imminent arrival of new bases and especially As we shall see, each base is actually the source of many possible characters that you can design directly in the software. When you make your choice of character, Quidam you how many facets that compose it, as well as whether or not to play on the clothing, the presence of normal or bump map …

4 – Call Smooth

The composing room is usually the 2nd stage which passes through the design of the character. Here you choose the shape of your creation, or not add clothing and accessories.

You have at your disposal two types of elements:

– Parts of body naked or dressed, these parties represent an arm, a torso or a shirt, pants …

When you have a naked person, if you add the shirt, it does not come in addition to the chest, abdomen, arms … but in lieu thereof, thereby limiting the number of facets and the risks of crossing facets unfortunate.

– Accessories, which are added to each character is defined as (a bracelet, shoes, a bra …)

To insert an item on your character, nothing simpler: just click on the party and the available evidence appears. Select the one you want and it starts up. Not childish?

5 – Beautiful proportions

Any illustrator knows that character will not be drawn with the same proportions as either a fashion design or super-hero comic book or a character more “cartoon”.

Quidam you can change the proportions or via a predefined system (with a different setting for the body and head) or by manually acting on any part of the skeleton of the character. Thus, the arms may lengthen, widen shoulders ,…. and you decide if you want to apply any changes symmetrically to any character or not.

6 – Pattern your idea

The sculpture studio is the hub of Quidam: far from being a “push-button, the software is a real modeler that allows you to intervene on points, edges and facets of the characters. What users refractory to 3D to worry, everything here is meant to evoke an advantage creating fun on the clay that tedious work of modeling organic.

You act with a soft brush selection that lights hover the geometry of your object, allowing you to have a display shaded and textured “clean”, without displaying facets, and still see precisely what you do. This is a very pleasant to use and visually quite beautiful (it feels like to walk a little mask for X-ray model.

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