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Data Entry Jobs


Prashant Kulkarni

It\’s a weekday, and you\’re sitting in the comfort of your home and typing away on your computer. It\’s not your day off. In fact you\’re working from home. Data Entry Jobs are simple and exciting. The qualifications of the applicant are irrelevant so anyone can apply. All you need is Basic knowledge of English language and since most of the work is done mainly in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word the applicant has to know how to work with Microsoft Office. This is a good option for students looking for part time jobs, housewives or retired persons. All you need is a computer/laptop with an internet connection.

To apply for these jobs is very easy. You simply have to fill up a registration form. In some cases you have to submit a small registration fee depending on the package of your choice. Once you receive your confirmation you can start to work on the assignments. The work is entirely legal, honest and ethical. You have to enter data for various affiliated companies. These companies basically ask you to convert their hard copy information into soft copies.

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Here\’s how it works: Every month there will be a data entry form allotted to every subscriber. This data entry form is then submitted in different company\’s application sites. These sites can easily be found online. The entry is to be done as per guidelines provided by the concerned authorities. Next, confirmation reports have to be sent in the given format. This submission has to be done daily in the formats provided by the concerned company. When the company receives these reports, they are processed keeping in mind the company terms and condition. In case the company is unhappy with a particular form they can reject the form.

Types of Data Entry Jobs 1. Jobs that require you to be online i.e to be connected via the internet for work are called online data entry jobs.

2. EasyAd post Data Entry Job – This scheme is free for all and there is no upper age limit.No big degrees or diplomas are required. Registered members will be required to fill an online form on behalf of its clients.

The payments are generally on monthly basis. No fixed amount of monthly salary is promised. The more forms you submit, the more money you can make! Sometimes the company may reject your form in which case no payments will be made. The payments are based purely on the work done successfully by following the guidelines. Data entry jobs can be exciting. The job is very easy to do. Once you get the hang of it, your speed of filling the forms increases, which means you can fill more forms per day ultimately making more money per month. You get to be your own boss. Since you work from home you do not miss on important events in your life. It is a good opportunity for a part time job so enroll today!

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