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Abundant Traffic with Article Marketing


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The major internet marketers all suggest that you should find your niche. They go into detail on how to find keywords while drilling down to find your best niche market. Then, either fined PLR articles or goes to an article site like ezinearticles.com and fined some content. The best way to get content, but very time consuming is to write own articles.

Consequently, the next step they tell us is to create a simple website about your niche. This can either be done with software like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or many free products on in the web. Then do some basic SEO and then your good to go.

Now, you have a great site with loads of content. So, sign up for Google Adsense and sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

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Now you are going to wait, and wait, and wait…

Everyone tells you that in order to make money you need clicks and customers. But, none of the gurus really tell you how to find those customers.

One of in the best ways to find visitors for your website is article marketing. All you must do is simply is write a short 300 to 500 word article on your niche subject. The beauty of this system is it is simple and works fairly fast.

Just write about a keyword on your niche market that you haven’t used yet. Include the keyword in the Title, 1st paragraph, maybe once or twice throughout in the body and in the last paragraph. It doesn’t have to be very fancy. Just make the article informative. You can research the subject on in the internet, your local library or my favorite place, a Borders bookstore and cafe.

I usually buy a glass of ice tea and a cookie and jot down information in my notebook I acquire from reading some of in the books there. I always put the information in outline form. And, I always read a few sources. Then, when I go home I can use the outline to help me write the article. This is a great way to write your own articles without plagiarizing someone else.

The last part of your article and the most important part for getting traffic is your resource box. This is your advertisement to get people to your website. Your resource box also does double duty with providing you with the very important backlinks to your website. Backlinks help you with Page Rank in Google and help you rank better in the other search engines.

Take a line or two and describe yourself and your website. Then put a link to your website and use a keyword that you would like pointing to rank better and be found in the search engines with.

Submit your article to a few sites like ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com. To locate more sites just search for “article sites.” Then, repeat in the submitting process.

You will discover that your article usually will take a few days to a few weeks before finding its way into the search engines. Providing your article is well written and informative, you will be surprised as to how many backlinks and new visitors you will receive.instant-marketing-magic.com


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Abundant Traffic with Article Marketing


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