How You Can Contribute Being A Senior Citizen To The Society}

Submitted by: Sally Grey

The elderly members of our society are most often seen only on the fringes, as people who have outlived their responsibilities. Many times, it happens because the society itself does not visualize a specific role for the elderly people in the social fabric. Many aged people also start believing that they can no longer contribute meaningfully to their family or the society once they cross a particular age. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Senior citizens help pave the way for the younger generation. Their experience, maturity and wisdom can be invaluable in many situations. In fact, senior citizens should be actively encouraged to participate in the societal activities sharing their wisdom and experience with the younger generation.

As senior citizens, you can also take matters into your own hands. There are many elderly people who actively participate in social causes to keep themselves mentally agile and physically fit. Volunteering at your local church is good way to give back to the society. It helps you grow spiritually and keeps you busy post retirement. Foster grandparent programs are also offered by churches. Here, senior citizens mentor and tutor children from low-income and broken homes. There is nothing better than imparting education to the under-privileged. This contribution of yours to the society is invaluable at more than one level.

You can also actively volunteer for emergency services such as firefighting. For such activities, you may need a basic level of fitness. So try these out only if you feel fully confident about your ability with physical activities.

Using your experience and skills to help others, like neighbors, deal with everyday problems is another great way to put what you have learned throughout your life to good use. For instance, if you are a retired plumber, you can give some practical advice to a neighbor who wants to install a swimming pool. A former banker can offer investment advice to his/her friends or neighbors, while a former insurance agent can give tips on the right insurance products to buy. Alternately, you can work as a consultant or in a part-time capacity and use your experience, skills to assist organizations and other people. You can even earn some money while engaging in this type of consulting, which could be an additional benefit of doing some meaningful work.

Teaching underprivileged children is another wonderful way to make a positive contribution and stay mentally agile. Many elderly people who do this kind of voluntary teaching believe that being in the company of young children makes them feel young at heart once more.

Participation in social activities helps you regain a sense of purpose in your golden years, which is important to stay happy and satisfied in life. It also makes those around you understand just how valuable you still are. When you give back to the society, it holds you in high esteem, which is great for your confidence as well as self image. So go ahead, engage in activities that you enjoy most and make the most of your sunset years.

About the Author: For more information about health and

Brenda Rusnak

, check her out on Inside Toronto.


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Australian refugee contractor accused of breaching its duty of care

Friday, December 30, 2005


  • 1 Richard Niyonsaba
  • 2 Denial of food
  • 3 Background and Criticisms
  • 4 Sources

The Australian Centre for Languages, a company which has a multi-million dollar contract with the Australian government to provide refugee services, has been accused of breaching its duty of care following the death of a chronically ill child and allegations of failing to provide three women in their care with food.

CanadaVOTES: Liberal Dr. Eric Hoskins running in Haldimand—Norfolk

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. Liberal candidate Dr. Eric Hoskins is standing for election in the riding of Haldimand—Norfolk.

Wikinews contacted Dr. Eric Hoskins, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.

CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Max Lombardi running in Cambridge

Friday, September 26, 2008

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. New Democratic Party candidate Max Lombardi is standing for election in the riding of Cambridge. Lombardi is an information technology specialist who has lived in Cambridge for 25 years.

Held since 2004 by Conservative Gary Goodyear, the riding of Cambridge includes the city of Cambridge, Ontario and the Township of North Dumfries, Ontario. Also running in the riding are Gord Zeilstra (Liberal) and Scott Cosman (Green).

Wikinews contacted Max Lombardi, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.

Know About The Different Types Of Flooring Materials}

Know About the Different Types Of Flooring Materials



Flooring is a great way through which you can really increase the beauty of your home. For the best result you must surely use the different floor materials that can really improve the look of your house. Vinyl, Ceramic Tile, stone, bamboo, Linoleum, wood, Pergo and hardwood are some of the great flooring materials that you can get in the market. The decor of your house, the space of your living area and the furniture plays a very important role in purchasing good flooring material.

If you really want to find good flooring material then this article would surely help you in this task.

1. Hardwood flooring

If you want to make your house look elegant then you must surely choose the hardwood materials for flooring.. Such type of flooring is easy to install and can give a whole new appearance to your house. There are various benefits that you will get if you use the hardwood flooring for your house, it is crack resistant and very good material.

2. Laminate flooring

You can really face some difficulties while installing laminate flooring in your house. The process that is used to manufacture laminate flooring uses very good techniques that can really give a shine to your floor. Laminate floors are greatly becoming popular because they have a high level of durability and they are water, scratch and strain resistant.

3. Stone flooring

Stone is a very expensive material that is why it is only used in high class offices and restaurants. You will see that is the market various different stone materials are available which are excellent for flooring. Polished marble and granite gives an elegant look to your floor while limestone, slate and sandstone give a natural look to the all over decor of your room.

4. Resilient Flooring

Vinyl, Rubber, Pergo, Oak and Linoleum are some very good Resilient flooring materials.The flooring materials can be easily installed and they can also help you to save a large amount of money.

5. Ceramic Tile Flooring

Tile is a very good flooring option for those people who do not have enough money to afford granite or hardwood flooring. Now you do not have to worry because ceramic tile materials are available to you at affordable rates and in different pattern and designs.

Well these are some essential things that you must remember about flooring materials.You can really impress your guests with the elegant flooring materials that are greatly mesmerizing.

Carpet is a flooring choice that can say a lot about a person. If you are looking for a stylish flooring make over read more about

Colorado springs carpet


Colorado springs flooring

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Know About the Different Types Of Flooring Materials


Nine Good Things About Losing The Love Of Your Life}

Submitted by: Matthew Payne

Separation can be difficult and in times like this, I know I might have wanted someone saying nice things and giving me positive instructions. I have to say most of my articles are written from the perspective of the person being left and might not suit the person leaving. But read on even if you are the person leaving, I wouldn’t waste an hour without writing something worthwhile. This might be a good email to send a friend going through this difficult time. Now let’s get to the nine good things.

The first: At least you had one love.

If you have lost the love of your life at least you have had one! Some people are so ugly or have so many disadvantages that they never marry. Why I know a few wonderful ladies in their thirties that have never been married. If you have had a love of your life well you can be glad about that!

The second : At least you know what making love is.

Sex sex sex. The whole world wants to talk sex sex sex. It’s all about how good you are in bed, how fit and tanned and wealthy you are. And did you know, it’s all about sex. Once it was a forbidden subject at the dinner table, now it’s frequently talked about at the dinner table.

Many people are in relationships that are only sex. They are in lust. If you clicked through to read this, you at once had a love of your life and so you most definitely have made love and that is something great you can remember.

The third: At least you can fall in love.

Some people can never find a person that they can love. And you have already found a person that you have loved. That has to be a good thing. Even better that you should pray for them and romance them and see if you can win them back.

The fourth: You know what it is like to be held close in bed.

Not being dirty but some of the best times I had in bed with my former wife was just holding her close as she lit up a smoke after we had made love. It’s a nice thing to be naked in bed with your wife or husband and to be warm on a cold night. Jesus is a great partner but He does not often come to bed and keep you warm like a partner. Some people have never felt that intimate touch and of holding each other.

The fifth and most important: Losing your partner is like how Jesus feels about losing people to hell.

Jesus was often asked if He was going to marry on earth. He never did as He said that His bride was going to be the people who had their faith in Him, pledge their life to Him and obey Him like they would a husband.

Many single women in Israel would have loved to marry Jesus, not one of them did. But He died on a cross to pay for the sins of the whole world and He still has His arms out beckoning you for an embrace.

Losing the love of your life is just like Him losing your best friend to hell one day if they do not know Jesus personally. If you know the pain of loss of a loved one, you know the tears in Jesus’ eyes when He cried. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Are you lost? Have you come to this point in life without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I want to get serious with you before we get to the last four points.

Why not consider these scriptures in any New Testament of the Bible. Read the scriptures out aloud and write down your answers on a pad! Print out this article and take the time to read the scriptures out aloud to yourself. It’s like you are taking a test here in English and even if you don’t know the Bible you can answer the questions. You can show a Christian friend the answers in the future or send them to me in an email. Okay now get ready. Read aloud and then answer the questions.

Romans 3:23

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

So what does this verse say to you?

Romans 6:23

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

So what does this verse say to you?

John 3:3

3 In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again

Why did Jesus come to die?

John 14:6

6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

What does this say to you?

Romans 10:9-11

9That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

What does this say to you?

2 Corinthians 5:15

15 And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

What does this say to you?

Revelation 3:20

20Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

What does this say to you?

Take the time to print this article off and answer the questions. Are you ready to invite Jesus into your heart? You’ve lost a loved one and you wish they were with you and everything was okay and things could be as good as when you were married. Jesus can heal a broken heart, but first of all He wants to come into your heart. Won’t you invite Him in?

Do you know a born again Christian that prays for you? Of course you do. If you are not a Christian and these scriptures have shown you a need in your life for Jesus why don’t you ring your friend and ask them how to give your life to Jesus? They would be more then happy to pray for you.

If you want to pray now and accept Jesus and invite Him into your life you can pray this prayer from your heart.

“Heavenly Father, I have sinned against you. I want forgiveness for all my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and rose again. Father, I give you my life to do with as you wish. I want Jesus Christ to come into my life and into my heart. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

If you have not got a friend that is praying for you, please write to me at my email address at my web site. Even if you have a friend that you have prayed with please write.

If you are a Christian, a good book where I got those scriptures from is “Share Jesus without fear”, By William Fay. ISBN 080541839-3. William has shared the Gospel message with 25,000 people one to one in coffee shops and airports and all over the place. It is the very best book you can read and put into practice.

The sixth: You know for real now that you are worthy of love.

If you have not had a significant relationship you can never be sure that you are worthy of romantic love. Losing the love of your life means that you had love in your life and you are worthy. If you are worthy once you may be worthy twice hey? I don’t personally believe in second marriages for born again Christians and I share that in the ten scriptures you should consider before divorce part one and two.

The seventh: You have a lot in common with up to fifty percent of adults that have had relationships.

Nearly more marriages fail than those that make a go of it. It gives you so much in common with such a huge segment of the market. Soon enough you can heal and join a dating site on the Internet. (I wonder if you’re laughing or taking me seriously? I have had three marriage proposals from Internet sites, LOL)

The eighth: You have had a person that is close to you tell you honestly all your faults.

Parents so often do not help us iron out all our faults. Some of them they are aware of and they never even mention them. But if you have lost someone that you love you can be sure that they have told you. And if they haven’t, take them out to dinner and ask them if they could take the time to write a list of all your faults and you will shout them dinner in return.

You can be sure that if you do it right with the right, attitude, a dinner with your estranged spouse where you are not going to get defensive but honestly want to take a tape recorder and let them tell you all your faults and why they have left you or they can’t go on with the marriage will be very beneficial to both of you.

The ninth You can learn from your mistakes.

Better to do step eight and get to know your faults and then use your breakdown to work on inner healing to address your faults, than to try and place all the blame on your spouse and not get on and get better.

Okay let me leave you with a prayer.

Dear Father,

Bless this person. Lead them to counselors that can heal their pain and lead them into good and healthy life-giving relationships. Give them the courage to face their former partner and take a tape recorder and listen to the truth and adjust their life. Lord I pray that you heal the broken marriages and you help people seek wise counsel and to always mend a broken marriage with support and counseling rather then toss it away. I pray that you will see this message put on web-sites and emailed to people going through divorce and that many people may pass this message on to every person they know could benefit.

I ask in Jesus’ name,


About the Author: Matthew Robert Payne can be found on any search on Google. He is a committed born again Christian and has a very deep love affair with Jesus Christ. He runs a free personal prophecy website where you can request a free personal message off God at

Visit him today


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Teacher sexual misconduct rampant in American schools, says AP

Monday, October 22, 2007

An Associated Press investigation published Sunday revealed findings of more than 2,500 cases of sexual misconduct by educators in the American educational system over a five year period.

The cases reported in the investigation ranged from the merely strange, with cases involving verbal abuse, to the barbarous, with cases involving molestation and rape.

Investigations suggest that many cases of sexual abuse are never reported, and those that are reported often do not lead to punishment for the offender. The cases do not always include enough evidence, and for this as well as other reasons the schools, courts, state governments, and federal governments cannot be sure that they are keeping sexual deviants out of teaching.

Certain academic studies estimate that only about ten percent of victimized children report sexual abuse of any kind to a person who can take action to help them. When sexual misconduct is reported, teachers, administrators and some parents frequently cannot, either subconsciously or consciously, recognize the warning signs of a crime.

After examining records in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the AP found that 2,570 educators had their teaching licenses taken away, denied, surrendered voluntarily or restricted from the period of 2001 through 2005, all as a result of sexual misconduct allegations.

Minors were the victims in at least 1,801 of the cases, and more than 80 percent of those minors were students of the accused criminals. More than half of the educators who were disciplined by their state governments were consequently convicted of crimes related to the allegations of misconduct.

The cases that the AP found were those of all types of educators — teachers, school psychologists, and even principals and superintendents. The accused are often popular with students and parents, and are widely perceived as good teachers. In nearly 90 percent if the cases, the offenders are male. While certain educators were accused of sexual misconduct in school, others were cited for abuse that occurred after hours and did not always involve one of their own students. At least 446 of the cases uncovered by the AP involved educators with multiple victims.

A preponderance of cases involved teachers in public schools since many private schools do not require their teachers to be licensed and most private schools do not allow their disciplinary records to be publicly viewed.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), two large teaching unions, each decried sexual abuse while pinpointing the importance of considering educators’ rights.

“If there’s one incident of sexual misconduct between a teacher and a student that’s one too many,” Kathy Buzad of the AFT told the Associated Press.

“Students must be protected from sexual predators and abuse, and teachers must be protected from false accusations,” said NEA President Reg Weaver in a press release.

However, while the AP found attempts to stop particular offenders, it also discovered a firm resistance towards identifying and preventing abuse. In schools, fellow teachers often ignore the abuse or feel they cannot help. School administrators cut backdoor deals to sidestep lawsuits or bad press. And in state governments and Congress, lawmakers are weary to impose harsher punishments or any national policy in fear of harming an important profession.

For example, in the state of California some of the most sadistic sex abuse is flagged, but state law allows a multitude of offenses to remain confidential in disciplinary records, even when teachers are sentenced to imprisonment and become registered sex offenders.

The dearth of information is evidence of a system of disciplining teachers that, nationwide, is often cloaked in secrecy. It is difficult for states to share necessary information about those accused of misconduct and allows some to find classroom jobs in other states.

An additional problem is that while the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification maintains a listing of educators who’ve been disciplined for any reason, it only shares this information with other state agencies. Also, many teachers do not appear on the list because they resign before losing their licenses.

“(Schools) might deal with it internally, suspending the person or having the person move on. So their license is never investigated,” says Charol Shakeshaft, an expert in educational sexual abuse who leads Virginia Commonwealth University‘s educational leadership department.

“There is the possibility that one of these people could move to another jurisdiction, most likely another state, and you wouldn’t be able to find out their history,” says Todd Spitzer, a Californian assemblyman, former prosecutor, and former high school English teacher.

Another disturbing trend is that cases of misconduct seem to be on the rise in many places. According to a New York State Education Department report, the number of “moral misconduct” accusations against educators in New York has doubled in five years. In 2005, 134 cases of “moral misconduct” were reported involving teachers and other school employees, as compared to just 70 cases in 2001. According to an overview of the cases, almost 75 percent of the “moral conduct” cases involved sexual acts or an improper relationship. In all, 485 misconduct cases occurred over the five year period in New York state.

The AP’s national analysis shows Texas and California with the most sexual misconduct cases, each with two to three times as many cases as New York. Florida proved about the same as New York.

Mary Green, a parent in Washington County who rallied against a teacher she suspected of misconduct, says the key to stopping the abuse is listening.

“If a child says such-and-such a person, teacher, coach or neighbor is `weird,’ the parent should not simply dismiss this comment, but have the child explain why the person is weird,” she said. “Often we simply shush them without finding out why the child feels that way. People tend to think it won’t happen to them.”

Australian researchers confirm stress makes you sick

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Australian researchers say they have scientifically proven that stress causes sickness. The Garvan Institute in Sydney has discovered that a hormone, known as neuropeptide Y, (NPY) is released into the body during times of stress. Their findings show the hormone can stop the immune system from functioning properly.

Neuropeptide Y is one of those hormones that gets unregulated or released from neurones when stressful situations occur…it’s known for example that it regulates blood pressure and heart rates so your heart rate goes up but it hasn’t been known that it actually can affect immune cells as well,” said Professor Herbert Herzog, one of the researchers.

Herzog feels it is good to finally have proof of something people have suspected for so long.

“Now we have proven without doubt that there is a direct link and that stress can weaken the immune system and that makes you more vulnerable when you for example have a cold or flu and even in the more serious situations such as cancer can be enhanced in these situations,” said Herzog.

The Garvan Institute study centres on two key events that enable the human body to recognise foreign substances and control invaders. When our body encounters a pathogen (bacteria and viruses), the immune cells retain and interrogate suspects. Their activation is made possible by NPY. These cells then return to the lymph nodes, which are found all over the body, with information about the foreign invaders. The lymph nodes are where decisions about defence are made.

“Most of us expect to come down with a cold or other illness when we are under pressure, but until now we have mostly had circumstantial evidence for a link between the brain and the immune system,” said lead Garvan researcher, associate Professor Fabienne Mackay. “During periods of stress, nerves release a lot of NPY and it gets into the bloodstream, where it directly impacts on the cells in the immune system that look out for and destroy pathogens (bacteria and viruses) in the body.”

In the case of bacteria and viruses, TH1 cells are part of the attack team that is sent out on the ‘search and destroy’ mission. But when their job is done they need to be turned ‘off’ and the immune system reset. The same hormone, NPY, that activates the sentry cells now prompts the TH1 cells to slow down and die.

“Under normal conditions, circulating immune cells produce small amounts of NPY, which enables the immune cells on sentry duty and the TH1 immune cells to operate – it’s a yin and yang kind of situation. But too much NPY means that the TH1 attack is prevented despite the foreign invaders being identified – and this is what happens during stress,” added McKay.

The impact of stress on the body has been observed in athletes. Ph. D researcher at the University of Queensland, Luke Spence, together with the Australian Institute of Sport, studied elite and recreational athletes over five months.

They found elite athletes were more susceptible to respiratory diseases under stress.

“A lot of elite athletes put themselves through vast amounts of physical stress in their training, but also their emotional, psychological stress of feeling the pressure of Australia on their shoulders, wanting to compete and wanting to do their best,” said Spence.

It’s not just athletes who are prone to stress. Pressures at work and at home may cause emotional and mental stress that can be equally damaging. Almost a third of all work absenteeism in Australia is due to illness, costing employers over $10 billion a year.

“I think it has a huge impact for the work force and also for employers – if their employees are constantly stressed, constantly under pressure, they are more likely to get sick,” Spence said.

Further research could lead to the development of new drugs which may inhibit the action of the neuropeptide Y hormone.

Herzog warns people to minimise stress before it becomes a problem.

“Relaxation methods like yoga will help you to prevent that but there will still be people out there that are not responding to that and treatment by interfering with the system will be important,” he said. “There’s obviously some time until such a treatment will be available but this is something we will definitely work towards.”

The Garvan research will be published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Volume 202, No. 11.

City to sue owner of partially collapsed 19th century livery in Buffalo, New York

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buffalo, New York — Two weeks after a 19th century stable and livery on Jersey Street partially collapsed and caused 15 homes to be evacuated in Buffalo, New York, residents still do not have answers from the city despite a court order to work with them and come to an agreement on a way to save some or all of the building, Wikinews has learned. Despite the frustration from residents, the city is planning on suing the building’s owner. A rally was held at the stable’s site where residents are hoping to bring more awareness to the situation and gain more support to save the building.

On June 11, a significant portion of the stable’s right side wall collapsed into the yard of a resident’s home. Authorities, including the Buffalo Fire Department were called to the scene to evaluate the collapse and evacuate 15 homes of residents surrounding the stable as a precautionary measure. The following day, the city ordered an emergency demolition on the building, which was stopped by a restraining order residents with Save The Livery ( won on June 14. Two weeks later, five homes are still evacuated and residents don’t know when they will be able to return.

On June 19, Judge Justice Christopher Burns of the New York State Supreme Court ordered a halt to the emergency demolition and ordered the city and residents to come to an agreement to save the building, or at least a significant portion of it. Despite a court date today, no agreement has yet been reached between the two parties.

“It is in the interest of the city to have a safe environment–but also important to maintain a sense of historical preservation,” stated Burns in his June 19th ruling. The court ruled that a limited demolition could take place and that the city was only allowed to remove material in immediate danger to residents and pedestrians, but stated that the demolition could only be performed with “hand tools.” The court also ordered that any rubble which had fallen into neighboring yards when the building collapsed, to be removed. Since then, most of not all the significantly damaged portions of the building or portions in immediate danger of falling have been demolished. The roof has also been removed to put less stress on the stable’s walls.

“Its been over three years since we have been having problems with part of the livery falling down. There was an implosion two weeks ago and suddenly the city wanted to have an emergency demolition,” said Catherine Herrick who lives on Summer Street immediately behind the stable and is the main plaintiff in the lawsuit against the city. Many homes on Summer are small cottages which were used as servants quarters when the stable was in operation, many of which were built in the 1820’s. At least seven homes on Summer border the stable’s back walls. Residents in those homes have significant gardens which have been planted against the building and growing for decades.

“Both parties are to continue to work together to see how we can meet everybody’s needs. This is the third time we have been in that courtroom, and that is what we were basically told to do,” added Herrick who said the rally was held today because this “is Buffalo’s history. Buffalo is a wonderful place to live because of its history and this is a historical, beautiful building and we need to keep those beautiful buildings.”

Herrick states that the city is working with residents, but also believes that its “slow moving” and they are allowing the owner to get away with neglect on the property.

“I believe right now that they are letting the owner get off. The owner was negligent for 20 years, and hasn’t done anything to it despite what he has claimed to say. Now that this is an emergency situation, the city has a lot to say about it,” added Herrick.

Currently the building is owned by Bob Freudenheim who has several building violations against him because its poor condition. He has received at least five violations in three months and residents who live near the building state that Freudenheim should be “100% responsible” for his actions.

Freudenheim gave the city permission to demolish the building on June 12 during an emergency Preservation Board meeting, because he would not be “rehabilitating the building anytime soon.” Freudenheim, along with his wife Nina, were part-owners of the Hotel Lenox at 140 North Street in Buffalo and were advocates to stop the Elmwood Village Hotel from being built on the Southeast corner of Forest and Elmwood Avenues. They also financially supported a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the hotel from being built. Though it is not known exactly how long Freudenheim has owned the stable, Wikinews has learned that he was the owner while fighting to stop the hotel from being built. Residents say that he has been the owner for at least 22 years. Attorneys for Freudenheim confirm that the city is starting proceedings against him for his violations beginning as early as Wednesday June 25. Freudenheim has not released a statement and could not be reached for comment.

Many residents want the building preserved and Herrick states that their engineer can have it stable in “four days” as opposed to the 14-30 days it would take to demolish the building and “at a lesser cost than what it costs to demolish it.”

It will cost the city nearly US$300,000 to demolish the building which is paid for with tax money collected from residents in the city. The Buffalo News reports that fees are approaching $700,000. Though reports say there is a potential buyer of the stable, Wikinews cannot independently confirm those reports.

Residents say the stable was designed by Richard A. Waite, a 19th century architect, and was first owned by a company called White Bros., used as a stable and housed at least 30 horses at any given time. It also stored “coaches, coupes, broughams, Victorias and everything in the line of light livery,” stated an article from the West Side Topics dated 1906. According to the article, The company first opened in 1881 on Thirteenth Street, now Normal Avenue, and later moved into the Jersey building in 1892. The Buffalo Fire Department believes the building was built around 1814, while the city property database states it was built in 1870. It is believed to be only one of three stables of this kind still standing in the country.

At about 1950, the stable was converted into an automobile body shop and gasoline station.A property record search showed that in 1950 at least four fuel storage tanks were installed on the property. Two are listed as 550 square feet while the other two are 2,000 square feet. All of the tanks are designated as a TK4, which New York State says is used for “below ground horizontal bulk fuel storage.” The cost of installing a tank of that nature according to the state, at that time, included the tank itself, “excavation and backfill,” but did not include “the piping, ballast, or hold-down slab orring.” It is not known if the tanks are still on the property, but residents are concerned the city was not taking the precautions to find out.

Wikinews has called the city along with the Mayor’s office several times, but both have yet to return our calls. There are conflicting reports as to the date of the next hearing. According to Herrick, the next hearing is July 1, 2008 though the Buffalo News states the next hearing is July 8. The News also states that Burns will make a final ruling on the stable at this time.

5 Reasons To Treat Yourself Like A King Or Queen Now And Then}

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Submitted by: Marie-Claire Smith

What are day-to-day activities of a typical person? If you are like most folks, you get up in the morning, make breakfast, and get dressed for the day. Then, after a long days work, you make some time to relax, pick up or make dinner, clean up the house and then go to bed.

Sure, there may be cases whereby you have some additional things to do during your day, for most people these are the typical daily activities. In other words, if you are like most folks, you have a pretty routine life.

All of this can lead to a bit of a monotone, boring life. If this type of thing continues day in and day out, it can cause stress, ultimately leaving you at risk for physical or mental disorders or diseases.

For these reasons, it makes sense for you to pamper yourself once in a while for a pleasant change. If you are like most folks, you may have the misconception that pampering yourself like a king or queen now and then is a waste of time, is indulgent, or is even self-centered.

In case you have resistance to the idea, lets review 5 reasons why you should treat yourself like a king or queen now and then:

1. It is not wrong to say that whoever wishes to have a well-balanced life must treat themselves well. A good analogy is this: in case of emergency on an airplane, parents are supposed to strap on his own air bag first and then to take care of the child. In the very same way, one can take good care of others only when one looks after oneself in every manner.

2. People around you rely upon your strength and resilience to handle tough situations. They depend upon you. The way to nourish your own strength is by taking good care of yourself. It is a fact that our bodies cannot survive without nourishment. One cannot give care to other until and unless one gives care to oneself. So, you should do yourself a favor and remain committed to pampering yourself on a regular basis in to remain radiant and strong for those people in your life.

3. If you do not take time out for yourself now and then, there is no doubt that signs of stress will start appearing on your face. This can affect your overall health in a negative way. We know that we have to come across a number of problems every day and they can kill us if we do not cope with them well.

4. Pampering yourself with a fine meal, a massage, or a trip to the day spa can put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

5. When you treat yourself well, it is a hidden law of the universe that others tend to treat you better, as well.

Treating yourself like a king or queen for a day can be done in a very easy manner. Of course, taking a warm bath, setting aside some time to relax at home or at a coffee shop, or even fixing yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea can be a great start. Spending a little money on yourself doesnt hurt, either. Try buying yourself a massage, a fine meal at your favorite restaurant, or improve comedy lessons. Let your imagination run wild!

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