Replica Rolex Gmt Master Ii Watches: Epitome Of High Functionality}

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Replica Rolex GMT Master II Watches: Epitome of High Functionality


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Rolex watches are perfect combinations of two Fs fashion and functionality and same trend has been continued by its GMT models. Rolex GMT watches were introduced on the requests of Pan American Airlines as they wanted such watches that were able to display time of two different zones simultaneously and this give birth of Rolex GMT Master II watches. GMT Master II watches are the improved and new versions of GMT-Master in which basic functionality has remained the same only few features are added in the new model. If you are thinking over to purchase GMT master II model, but unable to afford its price, then do not fret as buying replica GMT master II is the best alternative for you.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II is the duplicate version of original watches. Everything ranging from designs, color, styles and functionality is similar to originals. Replica GMT Master II watches are waterproof and made with scratch-resistant crystal watchglass, having jump hour feature, an independent hour hand which is adjustable, bi-directional rotating bezel, larger crown guards, triple locking winding crown systems, etc. These are some of the features which are not available in previous GMT models and have been introduced in improved versions. One can find the same features in replica Rolex GMT master II watches also.

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Buyers can avail Rolex replica GMT master II watch in numerous styles. Depending upon the tastes and preferences of an individual, customer can choose watches on the basis of bezel color and materials used. Different colors of bezels are available in the market, similarly, diamond and black dials are two kinds of dials from which a customer can choose. These are some of the parameters depending on which customer can choose his desired style of watch.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II watches are in no way inferior to the original watches. They are having same designs and styles, their functionality is similar to originals and they are made with great precision. With the passage of time, techniques and methods employed by manufacturers have undergone a sea change. Now, they employ such advance technology which aids in manufacturing such replica products that are undistinguishable from originals. Not only replica watches designs are similar to the originals; even the weight of replica watches are equal to weight of the originals, thus making it more difficult to set them apart from the originals.

Therefore, it can be said that just like originals that require quality investment at one time, replica Rolex GMT Master II watches also require one time but a fraction of investment as these watches are less expensive than the originals. So, if you have planned to purchase these luxurious watches, then search through internet. By making extensive search at the internet, you will come across several websites that are providing different kinds of replica Rolex GMT Master II watches at affordable rates. Another advantage by purchasing these watches through online is many websites provide home delivery facility to their customers and ensure that product will reach safely to the customers within stipulated time period. Therefore, avail their lucrative facility by placing online order. provides a huge range of Replica

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Replica Rolex GMT Master II Watches: Epitome of High Functionality

Search and rescue beacons soon to make the digital jump

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Starting February 1, Cospas-Sarsat will discontinue monitoring the frequencies that are used for analog-based emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB), the 121.5 and 243 MHz frequencies. Search and rescue (SAR) groups worldwide will only monitor the 406 MHz frequency, which is dedicated to digital locators.

The 406 MHz digital band has many advantages over the older analog systems. Since the locators send data to satellites, rather than just provide a continuous signal, much more will be known about the emergency before a SAR group arrives, such as the type of vehicle and owner. In addition, the accuracy will be greatly enhanced from a 1400 square kilometre (500 square mile) search zone down to just 90m (100 yards) if the locator has a GPS fix. The most important reason for the switch is the reduction of false positives. With the older analog bands, only about one in every 50 alerts was real, whereas with the digital system that is reduced to about one in every 17 alerts being real.

With fewer false positives and greatly increased accuracy, SAR groups around the world will be better able and faster to respond to life-threatening emergencies within the critical “golden day”. They will also be able to do this with fewer wasted resources.

The phase-out of analog transponders has been a long time coming. The first warnings were sent by the US Coast Guard in 2000, and analog devices have not been manufactured in the last several years. For most large boats the cost of upgrading to the new system was negligible. The change February 1 is worldwide, with both the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Maritime Organization recommending the switch.

How To Understand What Your Dog Is Telling You}

How to Understand What Your Dog Is Telling You


Jordan Rocksmith

Dogs use body language to communicate, and home dog training in Sarasota can teach you what signals to watch for, making it easier to translate their behavior.

Eye Contact

Eye contact–and the lack thereof–is very significant in the dog world. Direct eye contact is threatening and can provoke nervous or violent reactions from some dogs. Youll often see direct eye contact if your dog is guarding a favorite possession. On the other hand, a dog who avoids all eye contact is usually very nervous and uncomfortable.

Tail Position

A relaxed dog has a tail that hangs about level with the body and might wag slowly. A dog who holds his tail stiffly is probably feeling defensive or afraid. The faster a dogs tail wags, the more excited he is–but that doesn’t always mean hes happy to see you. The height of the tail gives you more information about the dogs mood. Tails held high over the back signal excitement, while tails that are low or tucked between the legs are signals of fear.

Facial Cues

YouTube Preview Image

Your dogs face reveals a lot about what he is feeling. Here are some signals to watch for:

A closed, tense mouth is a sign of discomfort or tension.

Perky, upright ears signal attention and interest.

Flat, laid back ears signal fear.

A half-moon eye (when you see the whites of your dogs eye) is a sign of fear.

A lifted lip may accompany or precede a growl and is usually a sign of discomfort.

Quick lip licking can be a nervous sign, although it may happen too fast for you to notice.

Body Posture

Look at the way your dog is standing. A dog who stands stiffly is probably uncomfortable and may charge or bite if he continues to feel threatened. If a dog is very uncomfortable or afraid, you will be able to see them leaning back, away from the thing that makes them uncomfortable. On the other hand, a dominant or pushy dog will lean forward, with his head jutting out well past his front feet. Dogs who are in a relaxed state will be somewhere in the middle. Their bodies should seem loose and their movements shouldnt look tense.


Growling is misunderstood by many dog owners. Growling is a not necessarily a sign that a dog is aggressive. Dont punish your dog for growling because its his way of trying to tell you (or another dog) that hes uncomfortable. Instead, learn what it is that makes him uncomfortable and help him overcome his fears or avoid them altogether.

Accidents in the House

Most dogs should be potty trained by the time they are 4-5 months old. If your dog continually has accidents in the house after this time, he might be trying to tell you something. Male dogs will often mark indoors, especially if they havent been neutered. Dogs will also have accidents if they are stressed or if they are overly excited. Home dog training in Sarasota can help you understand why your dog is having accidents and come up with a solution.

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How to Understand What Your Dog Is Telling You }

New Zealand dog saves five children; receives international attention

Saturday, May 5, 2007

A small, “nicely trained” Jack Russell Terrier gave his life to help save a group of five children from two aggressive pitbulls last Sunday in Manaia, Taranaki, New Zealand.

The dog named George is being described as a hero, gathering a huge amount of international media interest in the process.

The dog suffered massive injuries that the vet had never seen to that extent before, which resulted in 69-year-old Alan Gay, the dog’s owner, allowing George to be put down. He now regrets this decision.

The two pitbulls rushed at the group of children that George was following to the dairy, including a four-year-old. George then started barking loudly at the pair of dogs, and put himself between the dogs and the children. Mr Gay told Fox News, “If it wasn’t for George, those kids would have copped it.”

Despite having received offers of new dogs, Mr Gay has said that he will wait a while before getting another Jack Russell Terrier, as he is afraid it could happen again.

It is also believed that the two attacking dogs, which have been destroyed, were bred to be aggressive, including being fed the drug methamphetamine, commonly referred to as “P” in New Zealand.

Mr Gay has said that Manaia has had a problem with stray dogs before, but he never expected that George would become a victim.

One story ran in USA Today, which prompted over 120 comments, and one reader to personally call Alan Gay expressing their condolences.

Responding to the huge amount of media interest, Mr Gay said, “This really surprises me, and it’s marvellous. I never expected this … I’m surprised it got around the world as it did.” He says he has been getting a huge amount of phone calls from the media and the public. “The phone has been going since about half past seven this morning. Every time I hang up it rings again. It’s worn out; I might have to get a new one.”

One day after attempted rescue, six stranded whales die on Australian beach

Thursday, March 26, 2009

File:Illustrazione globicefalo.JPG

Six whales have died after becoming stranded on a southwest Australia beach, one day after conservation officials attempted to rescue them.

A pod of about 90 long-finned pilot whales were stranded on Hamelin Bay Tuesday. More than 70 of the mammals died, along with four dolphins, but about 10 whales were guided back out to sea by officials from the Australian Department of Environment and Conservation.

Six of the rescued whales washed up on a different beach less than a day later. Three died of natural causes Wednesday, and the other three were shot by veterinarians due to their poor condition.

About 180 volunteers, wildlife officers and veterinarians participated in the Tuesday rescue effort, but officials said there had always been a risk that the whales could be stranded again. “It is frustrating, there is a lot of effort by the community and by DEC staff, it is a frustrating process when that happens but it’s not totally unexpected,” said John Carter, state conservation department officer.

The other four whales rescued Tuesday are still believed to be at sea, and department officials are monitoring the ocean to verify their safety.

Almost 500 whales have died in five mass beachings over the last five months. The West Australian coast has seen 21 mass whale and dolphin strandings since 1984, according to the department.

The whales tried swimming back to shore shortly after the Tuesday rescue, but conservation officials guided them to deeper waters with the hopes that they would stay out at sea. Scientists cannot explain what draws whales so close to shore.

The whales were stranded Wednesday in a remote location where conservation officials could not transport rescue equipment. At least one of the whales was attacked by sharks, officials said.

Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, on animal rights and the film about her life

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night HBO premiered I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. Since its inception, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has made headlines and raised eyebrows. They are almost single-handedly responsible for the movement against animal testing and their efforts have raised the suffering animals experience in a broad spectrum of consumer goods production and food processing into a cause célèbre.

PETA first made headlines in the Silver Spring monkeys case, when Alex Pacheco, then a student at George Washington University, volunteered at a lab run by Edward Taub, who was testing neuroplasticity on live monkeys. Taub had cut sensory ganglia that supplied nerves to the monkeys’ fingers, hands, arms, legs; with some of the monkeys, he had severed the entire spinal column. He then tried to force the monkeys to use their limbs by exposing them to persistent electric shock, prolonged physical restraint of an intact arm or leg, and by withholding food. With footage obtained by Pacheco, Taub was convicted of six counts of animal cruelty—largely as a result of the monkeys’ reported living conditions—making them “the most famous lab animals in history,” according to psychiatrist Norman Doidge. Taub’s conviction was later overturned on appeal and the monkeys were eventually euthanized.

PETA was born.

In the subsequent decades they ran the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty against Europe’s largest animal-testing facility (footage showed staff punching beagle puppies in the face, shouting at them, and simulating sex acts while taking blood samples); against Covance, the United State’s largest importer of primates for laboratory research (evidence was found that they were dissecting monkeys at its Vienna, Virginia laboratory while the animals were still alive); against General Motors for using live animals in crash tests; against L’Oreal for testing cosmetics on animals; against the use of fur for fashion and fur farms; against Smithfield Foods for torturing Butterball turkeys; and against fast food chains, most recently against KFC through the launch of their website

They have launched campaigns and engaged in stunts that are designed for media attention. In 1996, PETA activists famously threw a dead raccoon onto the table of Anna Wintour, the fur supporting editor-in-chief of Vogue, while she was dining at the Four Seasons in New York, and left bloody paw prints and the words “Fur Hag” on the steps of her home. They ran a campaign entitled Holocaust on your Plate that consisted of eight 60-square-foot panels, each juxtaposing images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming. Photographs of concentration camp inmates in wooden bunks were shown next to photographs of caged chickens, and piled bodies of Holocaust victims next to a pile of pig carcasses. In 2003 in Jerusalem, after a donkey was loaded with explosives and blown up in a terrorist attack, Newkirk sent a letter to then-PLO leader Yasser Arafat to keep animals out of the conflict. As the film shows, they also took over Jean-Paul Gaultier‘s Paris boutique and smeared blood on the windows to protest his use of fur in his clothing.

The group’s tactics have been criticized. Co-founder Pacheco, who is no longer with PETA, called them “stupid human tricks.” Some feminists criticize their campaigns featuring the Lettuce Ladies and “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ads as objectifying women. Of their Holocaust on a Plate campaign, Anti-Defamation League Chairman Abraham Foxman said “The effort by PETA to compare the deliberate systematic murder of millions of Jews to the issue of animal rights is abhorrent.” (Newkirk later issued an apology for any hurt it caused). Perhaps most controversial amongst politicians, the public and even other animal rights organizations is PETA’s refusal to condemn the actions of the Animal Liberation Front, which in January 2005 was named as a terrorist threat by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

David Shankbone attended the pre-release screening of I Am An Animal at HBO’s offices in New York City on November 12, and the following day he sat down with Ingrid Newkirk to discuss her perspectives on PETA, animal rights, her responses to criticism lodged against her and to discuss her on-going life’s work to raise human awareness of animal suffering. Below is her interview.

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.


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  • 3 Newkirk on humans and other animals
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NRMA stands by “unsafe” smash repair system

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 NRMA, one of Australia’s largest insurers, has come under scrutiny following the release of a scathing report into its online smash repairs system.

The report by the New South Wales Government’s Staysafe committee found that NRMA’s online repair tendering system was “unsafe”. NRMA has said it has no intention of suspending the system despite the findings.

The report, which was released yesterday found that “[The] system of allocating damaged motor vehicles to smash repairers without the repairers physically inspecting the damaged vehicle before quoting for work … is an unsafe system in its current form”. According to committee member and Port Stephens MP John Bartlett the vehicles were “being repaired to the standard of a brick and the crumple zones at the front and rear no longer worked and all the impact was being felt in the cabin”.

According to the report “the system would lead to cost cutting and unsafe repair practices, with the quality of repairs lowered by encouraging smash repairers to take short cuts”.

According to NRMA, only minor “cosmetic” repairs are put through the system – however often there can be further damage which is only evident after a complete inspection. The NRMA system simply places photographs of the vehicles on its website where approved smash repairers bid to carry out repairs.

David Brown, head of claims and assessments at NRMA, said this of the report: “[W]e totally reject the findings of the report, in fact we find the report’s fundamentally flawed with no evidence of safety issues, and [it] has been prepared without seeing the system first-hand”. He further added that the system would not be scrapped.

Navy helping New Orleans pets

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Spanish word “tortuga” means “turtle.” But in the wake of the New Orleans disaster, the USS Tortuga is helping other animals.

For nearly two weeks now, sailors from Tortuga’s repair division have devoted much of their time during this disaster relief operation to ensure the health and comfort of displaced pets.

September 4th, just after the ship moored to a pier at Naval Support Activity (NSA) New Orleans, HT1(SW) Mark Hanley and DC1(SW) Antony Graves gathered materials from the repair shop on board to construct a kennel along the levee. The facility they made soon became a popular shelter for the homeless animals of the storm.

Tortuga’s search and rescue team brought aboard more than 170 displaced citizens during this past week, providing them with food, water, medical aid and a place to sleep.

Tortuga’s makeshift kennel, named ‘Camp Milo & Otis,’ has housed as many as 90 dogs, eight cats, one rabbit, one guinea pig, a pair of parakeets and a flightless pigeon during the past week of operation.

Currently, there are 14 dogs that remain in Tortuga’s care, as many of the other pets have been taken to animal shelters in the area for extra medical attention, or been claimed by their owners upon arrival to Tortuga. The pets that Tortuga has registered have all been in the hands of professional veterinarians assigned to provide expert medical attention to the members of Camp Milo & Otis.

Dr. Kelly Crowdis and Dr. Latina Gambles, both from Tuskegee University and Christian Veterinary Missions, have treated many of the pets for infection, dehydration, malnourishment and broken bones at the Camp during the past week.

“The animals were bathed and assessed before physical interaction with the sailors,” said Dr. Crowdis. “They’ve been given immunizations, antibiotics and medications based on their medical needs.”

Dr. Crowdis added, “What these sailors have done on their own has been such a heart-warming thing. As an animal lover, it is so comforting to know that everyone cares about the animals in addition to the human lives rescued from the storm. I’m very pleased with these guys for taking the initiative to construct this kennel.”

Graves, Hanley and other members of their division have consistently bathed, fed, walked and given special attention to every dog, every day.

“We play with them,” said Hanley. “We take them out of their kennels to give them attention every day. And we’ll continue to do that for as long as our ship’s mission keeps us here.”

September 11th, the Agricultural Center at Louisiana State University donated supplies to “Camp Milo & Otis” in support of Tortuga’s efforts to help the animal victims.

”We got medical supplies, bowls, food, cages, leashes, collars, toys, cat litter and cleaning supplies from these people yesterday,” said Graves. “It’s nice to know that so many people out there have heard about what our ship is doing, and responded by donating so much to support us the best they can.”

A photo gallery of unclaimed pets is on the USS Tortuga’s web site.

As part of disaster plans, the Department of Homeland Security has also deployed Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams to provide medical care to pets and livestock, as well as provide any needed veterinary medical care for search and rescue dogs.

There are over 3,850 animals being sheltered around the state. If someone is looking for a pet they should contact their nearest Humane Society or go online to . More information is also available at

Water Damage Restoration And You}

Water Damage Restoration and You


Mark Decherd

Imagine the following scenario: you’re just getting ready for a hot, relaxing bath when the phone. You dash down the stairs to see who is calling and it’s your teenage daughter saying her car has broken down and she’s stranded on the freeway. In your rush to rescue her, you forget to turn off the bath water. When you return home, your daughter’s safe, but your house is flooded and the water damage is readily apparent!

Now what? An overflowing upstairs bathtub can cause significant water damage affecting several rooms of your home and various structural elements including the bathroom floor, the ceiling of the room below, the walls, carpets, electrical systems, insulation, baseboards, doors, and furnishings. Regardless of how water damage occurs, what’s a homeowner to do?

First, take a deep breath because you have a big job ahead of you, even if you will be hiring a water damage restoration service. First, you’ll need to ensure the safety of your family by taking the necessary safety precautions such as turning off the power to prevent electrocution. Next, stop the water! Depending on the source of the overflow, you may need to use the home’s main water shutoff valve. Next, perform emergency dry out procedures before calling your insurance and a professional water damage restoration expert.

In our example above, you would first turn off the power at the main breaker (making sure that you’re not standing in water when you do so) and then go upstairs where you’ll turn off the bath tub’s faucet. In this case, you’d start mop up procedure upstairs and work your way down. This is because of the simple rules of gravity. After all, if you dry the downstairs first, water will continue to drip from above, defeating you as you go.

Contact your insurance company to see if the water damage is covered by your insurance policy. Water damage claims are tricky to determine coverages, so it never hurts to call. Many policies do cover water overflows such as our bathtub example. Next, call a water damage restoration company for assistance in thoroughly drying out your home and repairing the damage.

Professional water damage restoration help can minimize the damage, especially when you choose a company that promises a fast response. A fast dry out is necessary to prevent mold growth as well as lessen the trauma and inconvenience of a flooded home or business. Water damage restoration goes beyond merely mopping up the mess as structural repairs may be needed such as removing and replacing drywall, cleaning and disinfecting water soaked items, repairing electrical systems, fixing floors, retexturing and repainting the ceiling, and so on.

No matter how your home or business flooded, an experienced water damage restoration expert can help you recover from a flood, roof leak, overflow, or plumbing accident.

Dryout Inc. 1415 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, Fl. 33907 Mr. Mark Decherd

Water Damage

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Water Damage Restoration and You }

Pilates Exercise}

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Pilates Exercise



Pilates exercise is an art, an art to teach, to learn and to perform with the right amount of patience. It’s a blend of fitness, yoga and physical therapy. Pilates exercise teachers don’t improvise, they have attended training courses that have lasted years. They are the ones who personally prepare their body and mind in order to fully enter the mentality of Pilates exercise. A good Pilates teacher is a personal trainer of Pilates exercise and follows you in every Pilates exercise and the movement it creates.

This article is all about pilates exercise and how to make you more and more aware about this topic. I could also have taken the easy way to writing this article but I desisted from it because the primary objective of writing this article about pilates exercise was your satisfation. And after reading this article, you can yourself feel it.

Pilates exercise has become very popular in the last decades and its workouts have benefitted all kinds of people in the past and continues to do so today. You don’t need much to improve your quality of life with Pilates exercise just three times a week for about half an hour and the first evident results can be seen starting within just four weeks. Pilates exercise defines and tones muscles and works on your body alignment, through the abdomen, pelvis and regulates your breathing too.

YouTube Preview Image

Just a few words now on who invented the Pilates exercise program.

Joseph Pilates invented Pilates exercise during the 1900’s. The intent of Pilates exercise was to aid those who were sick and forced to stay in bed for a certain amount of time, not being able to move body parts and use their muscles. Pilates exercise was designed in such a way that it will provide maximum output from a sleeping position from minimum input.

Following in his footsteps, many therapists thereafter used the technique of Pilates exercise to patients alleviating the pains and the suffering of those who have certain problems in moving their body parts giving them temporary and in some cases permanent relief.

One of the most common accessories to help perform Pilates exercise is the Pilates ring created to help those who cannot perform Pilates standing or are bed ridden. The Pilates ring works on desired body areas from a sitting, sleeping position. It can be used on the arms, legs, buttocks and back with ease.The Pilates ring is a power tool, which is used even by those that are able to perform standing exercises. The results will not take long to appear when exercises done three times a week for 30 minutes.

Here are a few tips to help you handle Pilates exercise in the best of ways.

1. Don’t practice Pilates exercise without consulting a physician first.

2. Pilates exercise is easy to learn you can and stay in shape in the comfort of your home with a number of choices such as, online specialized sites, professional DVDs featuring lessons for beginners as well as advanced users and books.

3. Use Pilates exercise at least three times a week, trying to follow the exercise pattern, that is best for your needs.

4. Pilates exercise is useful especially when practiced early in the morning, providing you with energy and the right mood for the rest of the day.

Last but not least, eating right and exercising with Pilates exercise regularly will help you to keep you in shape, live a longer life and give you the right balance needed to face everyday. So try Pilates exercise as your daily routine and you will see how your body and mind will benefit from it.

AF a man who likes to exercise and who has the passion for writing and likes to express his emotions through the net.


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Pilates Exercise