All You Need To Know About Dress Shirts

By Lee Blackm

Going out to a party or meeting up with some friends you havent seen in a long time? Its only normal to want to look at your best. You might be used to wearing shorts and a regular t-shirt but for special occasions such as this, its time to sport a new look. Ever try wearing a dress shirt? What is a dress shirt anyway? And isnt that too formal for a small gathering with friends on a night out? Well think again, your questions will be answered as you are about to find out the history and style of shirts worldwide.

First off, what is a dress shirt? Also referred to as a button-front or button-up shirt. It is a shirt with a collar and a full opening on the front from the collar to the hem; it also has long sleeves and cuffs. The front is fastened by buttons or studs and the cuffs also close with buttons or cuff links. These shirts are worn mostly by men while women wear blouses. These shirts are also usually accompanied by ties, blazers, coats, and other formal wear. However dress shirts nowadays are used for so much more. It has become a casual look in itself alone because lots of men sport shirts on non-formal gatherings as well. Here is a breakdown the different components of dress shirts so you know the differences in style and formality that will help you find the right shirt for you, whether youre buying one or having one made from a custom tailor.

First is the collar of the shirt. There are many styles of collars for dress shirts now. There is the spread collar which measures about 3 inches to 6 inches between the collar points. The wider collars are called the Windsor or cutaway collars and are used for more formal gatherings. It is dominant in the UK. There are also the point, straight, or small collars which measure around 2 inches to 3 inches between the points of the collar. Lastly is the button-down collar where the collar points are fastened down by buttons on the front of the shirt. Button-downs are more of a sporting look as they were patterned on the look of polo players. Other less common collar types that have gone out of fashion are the eyelet collar, tab collar, club collar, varsity spread collar, and the tunic collar. Detachable collars have also come in style for people who want different color schemes or patterns to their look.

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The cuffs of dress shirts comprise of barrel cuffs, which is the standard being fastened by buttons. There are also the French cuffs which are more formal and fastened by cuff links. And last are the single cuffs which are the most formal which are double cuffs without the fold.

Other features for dress shirts make them look better or more formal such as the tails, plackets, pleats, and even pockets. It all depends on the kinds of Custom Dress Shirts youre aiming for. If in doubt, its always better to get a tailoring company or a local mens tailor to measure your lengths for a better fit.

Tailor made shirts are always the best outcome possible, so you might want to think about that before buying dress shirts that wont fit you well in stores or from an online tailor. So remember, dress shirts are not just for formal events anymore. Dress shirts can be worn anywhere to look the best you can for all to see.

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