12 Things That Seniors Need For Happy, Healthy Living}

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12 Things that Seniors Need for Happy, Healthy Living


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With the exception of those with serious handicaps or health conditions, seniors can actually live independently! Here are 12 things that senior citizens need in order to live happy and healthy lives as they age:

1. They need the joys of independence! Being monitored and restricted more than is necessary can make seniors feel like children again. Living independently in senior communities allows them to continue living just as they were when they were healthier, more capable, middle-aged adults.

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2. Seniors need good access to health care. Even healthy seniors should visit doctors regularly for checkups and good preventive services. Some may even need specialized care in order to prevent the onset of serious conditions.

3. Seniors need space! They should not be restricted to homes the size of a hospital room. They should have space to live, breathe, relax, and be independent. Seniors also maintain their dignity when they live in homes with open, roomy floor plans that feel just as breezy as their previous homes.

4. Natural light is beneficial for all people, especially senior citizens. With plenty of natural light comes Vitamin D exposure, energy, mood enhancement, and a sense of routine that mimics the sun’s patterns, which is beneficial for retired seniors who have lost their previous routine.

5. Access to the outdoors allows seniors to get more natural light, breathe fresh air, relax, and exercise. The beauty of the outdoors should be steps away from their front door. A balcony is a great home feature, as it gives seniors private access to these outdoor perks.

6. Central heating and air conditioning are essential, as seniors are more sensitive to extreme temperatures than younger people. When cool or warm air is provided by centralized systems, they do not have to avoid certain areas of their homes due to extreme or varying temperatures.

7. Seniors need entertainment. Whether they like to watch television, movies, online entertainment, or music, these fun and relaxing things should be accessible right in their own homes. Living without these service subscriptions can often be dull!

8. Access to your prized possessions is important as a senior citizen. One of the worst parts of moving seniors into small communities is that some important valuables have to be sacrificed due to the lack of available room. This can be incredibly disheartening! Everyone should be able to enjoy their possessions and keep them close by, especially those that have dear importance and represent either a past event, loved one, or achievement.

9. Full kitchens are essential for healthy living. Cooking is important for maintaining a healthy weight and leaving out unwanted nutrients. For example, some seniors need to watch their sodium or sugar intake. It is very difficult to keep track of this from purchased, microwavable foods and restaurant cuisine. Instead, seniors should be using their ovens and stoves to prepare healthy meals for themselves. Some recipes are quick and do not require excess effort.

10. At-home laundry facilities make it much easier for seniors to take care of their laundering needs without having to travel to laundromats or ask for the assistance of loved ones.

11. Roomy and safe tubs and showers not only give homes a beautiful, modern, and spa-like feel, but they allow most seniors to safely bathe or shower independently.

Most importantly of all, the freedom to see visitors is essential for seniors. While some options for senior living have restrictive visitor’s hours, other options–like senior apartments in Denver–allow seniors to see their friends and loved ones when they choose. This is the most enjoyable aspect of senior living, after all.

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12 Things that Seniors Need for Happy, Healthy Living


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